Tuesday, May 14, 2013

President's Choice: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Cookies (The Decadent)

I paid a visit to the convenience store yesterday and picked up some of these cookies at random  The name alone sold me.  A name they live up to! Despite the lackluster packaging.

These cookies are absolutely delicious, I can see why they shoehorn the word 'decadent' into the title. They have a really soft and crumbly texture and it feels like about 70% of the cookie consists of chocolate and peanut butter. They're incredibly sweet but not sickeningly so.The individual cookies are quite chunky and misshapen, deformed by the excess of their ingredients, sweet delicious deformity... ommmm.

The only other product I've tried from President's Choice was a bag of Piri piri chips, those were also amazing, so yeah, I won't hesitate to try out their stuff in future. These cookies might be the best I've ever tried from a packet; although the Fudgeeos were delicious, they really pale in comparison to these chunky wonders. The only downside these have against Fudgeeos, is that they're not vegan-friendly, but alas, the taste is worth it from my point of view. Just look at the texture of these things!

So to sum it up, these cookies are incredible. If you enjoy peanut butter and chocolate you simply NEED to try these ASAP. They're only 3 dollars for a hefty 300 gram pack, more than even I could eat in a single day. I  managed to get through 1 of the 3 rows of cookies in the pack over the space of 24 hours. The rest will last me another couple of days, so good value too for such a decadent cookie.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next review, probably of Mug Root Beer!


  1. Mug Root Beer is the stuff of orgasms... Enjoy responsibly. This President's Choice is a private label brand. I've seen it in the US but not sure where.

  2. I think I got the Piri piri chips in Aldi of all places. They were ridiculously good, almost as good as habanero chips.

  3. Pretty much anything President's choice is awesome and good. Its a private label brand of Loblaws/Westons/Shoppers drugmart in Canada and sold in deals by Loblaws with supermarket chains in the US. In Europe the President's choice brand of products would be sold by Associated British Foods PLC also owned by the Weston Family. I enjoy your musings about the different foods.