Monday, July 1, 2013

Arizona Chocolate Fudge Float

Appetizing name isn't it? And the actual can is even more alluring. It was the beautiful art that drew me in.

Arizona is a popular, low-price range of ice teas and sodas from the USA, they're sold here in Canada too. Some of their best products include their Green Tea with Honey and Strawberry/Kiwi Punch. They only cost 99cent too which is a bargain because the cans are huge, around 700ml.

This particular product is unusual for Arizona as it contains milk, chocolate syrup and fudge. The weird thing though, it's made with carbonated water! Yeah, when I bought this I was hoping for a thick and creamy beverage but unfortunately this stuff is a little too thin, It even looks transparent as it's being poured.

There are instructions on the can to lightly swirl the drink after opening because the chocolate syrup sinks to the bottom. I did this, but it was still far too watery. For me, it was like someone took a nice Mars Drink or some chocolate milk, poured 10ml into a glass, and then topped it up with water. It's also a pretty nasty color when poured.

So as you can see, such a  beautiful can masks a rather fecal-looking, watery, bland-tasting liquid that doesn't really live up to its awesome name. Others may enjoy it, I just can't handle a chocolate drink with the consistency of water. There's also an insane cocktail of sugar, various syrups and artificial sweeteners in the ingredients list so it's not the healthiest beverage option available - even for the junk food connoisseur..

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